6 Insane (But True) Things About Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is the most abundantly renewable flooring material available. Indoor air quality is better with wood floors according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Advances in wood flooring during the past few years mean that you now can have wood flooring anywhere in your home or business. Hardwood floorshave many benefits that you may or may not know. We have compiled a list of possibly hard to know facts about this wonderful flooring option.


1. Hardwood Floors are Naturally Warm!

Ever heard or thought that your feet would be greeted by cold hardwood flooring when getting out of bed in the morning? This common misconception just isn't true! In fact, hardwood floors are great insulators by keeping the warmth in! If the natural warmth can't combat the external chill temperature then you can install under flooring warmers!

2. Hardwood Floor Refinishing  Without Dust!

A wood surface that gathers no dust may seem impossible but with dustless floor refinishing it is! Dust Containment Systems like Bona’s generate 99.8% less dust in the air than the traditional sanding process, making the air safer to breathe and the clean-up after the process a breeze.



3.You can do the “Risky Business Dance” Like Tom Cruise!


4. Hardwood Floors Last FOREVER!

Well maybe forever is a bit of an exaggeration. Hardwood floors can last multiple generations when they are properly maintained and preserved. They last much longer than other forms of flooring like linoleum and carpeting through processes like refinishing.

5. Hardwood floors require less time to maintain than other types!

Hardwood flooring is a surface that does not attract dirt, dust and toxins like carpeting and other types of flooring.Carpeting requires constant cleaning including vacuuming, steaming and stain removing. Tile flooring has grooves betweeen tiles that trap dirt, dust and crud.



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