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Hardwood Floors have many benefits including Health,and Increased Home Value but the sanding process in installation used to be plagued with the residual dust left throughout the home.  Dust is the enemy of a smooth finish. Blowing sanding dust off your project with an air compressor or brushing it onto your floor can still result in it ending up in your wet stain or finish. Now there is a Dustless System that virtually eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the home.  This is healthier and environmentally friendly option because wood dust is a known carcinogen.  You receive better quality work as this eliminates airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish. Read more on Bona’s Dustless System!


The Importance of Sanding

  • Sanding is a critical step in the finishing preparation process because it smoothes out the wood surface, removing minor nicks and scratches that would otherwise become more obvious after staining and finishing.
  •  It removes any surface glaze, which can prevent stain or finish from entering the pores and opens the pores of the wood up to accept more stain and finish.
  • Your floors tend to be more resistant to movement after they’ve been sanded and when your floors are completely even, it also becomes more difficult for dust to collect.

woodsanderThe Downside of Sanding

Floor refinishing, or sanding, produces pounds of extremely fine wood flour. The dust particles are so tiny that it will easily flow under unsealed plastic barriers and will effortlessly pour under or around doors. Rooms that didn’t seem vulnerable can end up with a fine layer of wood dust on, and inside of, everything.

  • Dust can find its way anywhere; into kitchen cabinets, heating and cooling system vents
  • Hours after work is complete barriers may be opened prematurely while the air is laden with this incredibly invasive and nearly invisible stuff.
  • When floors are sanded, they are usually “finished” with multiple coats of a polyurethane material that is painted over the freshly sanded and vacuumed wood. The dust particles can settle into the finish while it is drying and decrease the overall appearance and quality of the end result.

Our Dust Containment System

With Bona Dust Containment Systems you can avoid the hassle of vacating your home, and eliminate harmful airborne dust and particles.

  • The Bona Dust Containment Systems are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality.
  • The innovative dust free sander connects a powerful vacuum motor to all sanding equipment. The combination virtually eliminates airborne dust generated from sanding.
  • This is the most advanced and powerful dust containment systems in the world. They are capable of reducing dust far beyond even what the traditional sanding systems generate.
  • You will benefit from a healthier dust free environment by eliminating the dust and toxic fumes from the sanding process.

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Contractors who do not use this system may just have a bag attached to their sanding equipment which is not considered a good way to keep airborne dust out of your house. Eko Flooring & Woodwork are not only Bona Certified Craftsman but are Certified Hardwood Floor Installers and Inspectors. If you are thinking of refinishing, installing or updating reclaimed wood feel free to contact our Experts for a Free Estimate.


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