7 Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2015

This article highlights the seven trendiest trends in Hardwood Flooring. Whether you are looking to update a room or renovate all of your flooring, this guide will help you navigate the latest styles to see which is right for you.



Wider Planks wideplank

Traditional wood floors usually have 2½- to 3-inch-wide planks. Now there is a growing shift toward planks that are 6 inches wide or more and also longer. They make more of a visual impact with a contemporary feel and the ability to make rooms appear bigger. Wide planks can be installed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally for a more dramatic look. There is a rise in products on the market with plank sizes of 10-12 inches wide.


Site Finished

Prefinished means the wood planks are stained and finished at the factory while unfinished means the planks are stained and finished at the job site. Site finished wood is strongly preferred over prefinished in terms of style, durability and maintenance. Unfinished hardwood floors offer buyers the ability to have more control over their flooring design. You receive the benefits of a greater range of flooring options with multiple colors, design, finishes, stains and styles. Specific plank widths or unusual wood species may not be available in prefinished wood.

Solid Hardwood Instead Of Engineered Wood

Solid hardwood flooring is a better long term option. It can be refinished multiple times to last through multiple generations. Engineered floors will usually need to be replaced after it’s worn. Engineered wood floors are most often prefinished and rarely available as unfinished planks. Specific plank widths or unusual wood species may not be available in engineered wood.

Hardwood Floors for Home Improvement & Renovations

M127_0022Most flooring renovations involve removing carpet and tile to replace with wood flooring. Wood flooring is easier to maintain, lasts longer and improves home value. Homeowners have seen a higher return on investment, or ROI, if they sell their home with new or refinished hardwood floors.

Grey Flooring

Gray’s trending popularity as the perfect “neutral” tone for walls, carpeting, and tile has made its way to Hardwood Flooring! Gray tones bring out the beauty of natural wood by highlighting the grains and texture. This adds visual interest to a room without overpowering your décor. Gray hardwood flooring is the perfect way to modernize an outdated room.

Reclaimed and Distressed


There’s nothing new under the sun or under your feet! One of the strongest trends in hardwood flooring continues to be the move toward more authentic-looking wood. distressedA growing segment of the market is interested in reclaimed woods, which have been salvaged from older residential flooring or even from old barns. It is a great sustainable choice to add unique and authentic rustic character to your space. Rustic wood flooring or wooden cobbled floor blocks can quickly bring a historic charm to your home.

Natural Wood Flooring Finishes

The authentic/natural trend has increased the desire for a finish that complements the natural beauty of wood. Gloss levels have been reduced to satin and matte looks to achieve the style. An oil finish creates the most “natural” look and tends to make some floors look “old,” as if they had been installed for a very long time. “Oil is made up of molecules small enough to seep down into the wood rather than merely sit on top.”[3] As a result, oil makes wood look richer and more translucent without adding a film on the surface. Monocoat’s Natural Oil wood finish is the leading oil finish and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC), nor does it contain other harmful chemicals.

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