Chevron and Herringbone: On Trend and Making a Come Back

In the world of design Herringbone and Chevron patterns have been booming back to popularity in textiles, fashion, prints, and flooring! Walls and ceilings too for that matter.

This is not a new thing!

It is actually a classic thing, used heavily over the centuries. Part of a genre of flooring called Parquetry. Think Parquet + Carpentry. Parquetry, simply put is the woodworking craft of piecing together wood pieces, of various geometric shapes, in a specific mosaic pattern in order to achieve a desired visual design. Of course, there are many more possibilities in Parque.

What’s the difference between Herringbone and Chevron?

It’s all in the Zig and the Zag. Herringbone is a Zig Zag pattern that alternates and overlays. The individual pieces are cut in perfect rectangles. The overall effect is a classy yet busier look. While Chevron has pieces cut on an angle and pieces are put together along the axis creating a mirror-like image. The overall effect is more regimented, cleaner and more that of an arrow. Really the designs can be as simple or as complex as one can imagine.

Are Chevron and Herringbone only a Solid Wood fashion?

No. There are a variety of beautiful Prefinished Engineered Hard Wood Design options. In fact Eko Flooring & Woodwork offers both Herringbone and Chevron in Prefinished and Unfinished. Check them out here HERE.


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Herringbone and Chevron patern, via oasis wellness

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