Common Myths about Hardwood Flooring Debunked

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to a home. Many homeowners and decorators find these floors a great alternative to carpeted floors. However, there are various myths surrounding floors made from hardwood, which discourage people to go for this type of flooring. Let’s debunk some of them:


They are Expensive

Since these floors are expensive to install, homeowners find them fairly pricey. But this is a myth when you look at the bigger picture. These floors last for decades. This type of flooring is capable of sustaining long-term use. While tiles and linoleum may require replacements after ever 10 to 15 years, hardwood is durable and rarely need replacements, provided you take good care of them.


They Don’t Suit Homes with Pets and Children

Many families who own pets believe hardwood floors are not a good option for them. In reality, they are just as durable as maple and Brazilian walnut floors. Dog owners who routinely clip their dogs’ nails can save their floor from un-wanted scratches.


They are Difficult to Maintain

You cannot help being amazed when people ask you if your flooring is easy to clean or maintain. The fact that this type of floor can be easily swept, dusted or even vacuumed completely destroys this myth. However, using the installer’s instructions to clean the flooring can save you from a dull floor. To ensure your flooring lasts for a lifetime, avoid mopping or using excess water to clean it.


They Are Bad For Health

There is a reason why homes with hardwood floors sell for more money. This is because people health-conscious people prefer this type of flooring. Research reveals that these floors are better for health than carpeting and other flooring types. This makes them a good investment for your health and for increasing your home’s market value. Also, using a green water based finish with low VOC level is a perfect choice to have a healthy environment.


They Scratch Easily

Any kind of flooring is vulnerable to all kinds of wear and tear. Tiles can get chipped, linoleum may fall apart and carpets often get stained. Therefore, it is absurd to reject this type of flooring simply because they can get scratched.

In reality, the vulnerability of hardwood floor depends on its maintenance, treatment or top layer of the poly. If scratched or damaged, they are easy to repair. Although deeper scratches may need extra effort, small or trivial scratches can be taken care of easily.

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