The Anatomy of a Dust Bunny

What is a dust bunny? 

Simple, it is the dirt, dead skin cells, pet dander, food waste, allergens from dust mites, cooking oils, and dyes all rolled up by pet and human hair. 

Cute right?

How are these dust bunnies born? 

The main culprit… pets, open doors and windows. But also, us! We track in a lot of dirt, sand and clay with our shoes and leave trails of dander and skin particles. Even a mat at your door can’t stop ALL that dirt from making its way. 

How does this damage your floors?

Dust, dirt and grime, over time and in excess, can create discoloration on your wood floors. 

Without the proper coating/protection, cleaning and maintenance, the dirt/dust becomes matted/rubbed into the wood floor surface and spaces. Sometimes this grime can penetrate deep into the grain. It can be difficult to clean your floors without a complete sand and refinish to rid of discoloration at this stage. Consequently, dirt can also cause scratches and abrasions that can lead to even bigger problems- like swelling or cracking when exposed to more dirt and water. 

Exterminate those dust bunnies! 

The best way to get rid of dust and dirt and discoloration in your home is to limit the amount you are bringing into your home. This can be done by not wearing your shoes indoors, cleaning the entry ways with a microfiber broom regularly, closing windows and vacuuming often. If using a wet mop as a tool to clean, do so without excessive water. 

What is the BIGGEST mistake homeowners make?

Buying and using just any old cleaner they find in the store labeled “wood floor cleaner”. To be clear, it is not one size fits all when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your floors. It is ESSENTIAL to use a cleaner specifically recommended for the finish on your floors. Ask yourself… do I have polyurethane coated floors or oil coated floors? If the latter, does my oil coated floor include wax? What specific product do my floors require? Whether you use Bona, Rubio, Woca, Osmo…just to name a few, each company has specific cleaners and maintenance requirements. If you have a prefinished floor, request care and maintenance instructions from the flooring company who sold you your flooring. 

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