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Design Flooring

Eko Flooring &Woodwork Design Flooring features the timeless appeal of natural wood for any space with intricate patterns like Chevron, Herringbone and Versailles. Pre-Finished, Engineered Design floors are easy to install and maintain without cutting or finishing on site- making a complex, unique design effortless to create!

What is Engineered Pre-Finished Design Flooring?

Design flooring is where innovative production meets timeless patterns and flooring designs. Our Pre-finished flooring conveys all the great characteristics of natural materials while creating beautiful depths of tone in an array of different colors and textures. Our design custom collections include styles like Chevron, Herringbone, Versailles, Parquet or you can create your own design. Upload your sketch and our team will help bring your imagination into reality.

Benefits of Installing Design Flooring

Below is a list of advantages that come with installing pre-finished, engineered design flooring:

  • Comes in a variety of different colors, patterns and specs to fit any project
  • Gives a boutique look for both commercial and residential properties
  • Prefinished makes for a simple, easy install to accomplish a complex patterned design
  • A Luxurious look for an affordable price.
  • The option to bring your own flooring design into life with the assistance of our team
  • Engineered floors make for a more stable product- dramatically reducing cracking and gaping

Choose Eko Flooring & Woodwork for Outstanding Design Flooring

Eko Flooring & Woodwork is comprised of team members who are trained in old-world craftsmanship. Our company has many years of experience in the flooring industry. We have the know-how to make our clients’ hardwood floors look amazing. Whether it is a small or big project, we review, analyze, test, and find solutions to ensure every flooring project is successful from start to finish. Our wood flooring consultants and inspectors will work together to determine the best possible wood flooring products to meet your needs. You can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that Eko Flooring & Woodwork is also accredited by the National Wood Flooring Association, International Certified Floor Covering Installers, American Society of Interior Designers, Bona Certified Craftsman Program, World Floor Covering Association, and National Institute of Certified Floor Covering Inspectors. Additionally, we have a Five Star Advantage. If you want to learn more about our wide plank flooring products, feel free to browse through our portfolio. Alternatively, you can contact us by calling 347-227-8098 or email Eko Flooring & Woodwork at

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