Wood Floors on the Ceiling! 3 Reasons this trend may be right for you.


Yes that’s right! Wood floors on the ceilings and the walls and of course wood floors on Floors. Wood floors have been a classic elevated touch to design for over a century. Once some great modern installation technologies made Installation a process of days vs years, Wood Flooring became popular with more than Duchesses and Dukes. Even with the big 1950s wall to wall carpet boom, Wood floors still remain king. So Why wood? Great question.

  • Health

Wood ceilings keep you healthy. Most everyone knows that trees are awesome! They absorb carbon from their surrounding environments. But did you know that once a tree is harvested and milled, wood products continue to absorb carbon throughout the lifetime of their service. Additionally, wood ceilings, like wood floors are great because they don’t trap dust, pollen, particles, animal dander and allergens. Also, apparently there was a recent study that found wood makes people happy. So why not surround ourselves.


  • Warm up the Space!

Wood is a classic space warmer. So why not add it to the ceiling. That’s it. Add a colorful throw and heat up a cup of tea. You are all set. Easy.

  • It looks Epic!

Just take a look, there are so many options, colors, textures, designs. If you want to make a statement throw some wood on that ceiling. Just do you, but please no popcorn ceilings. Whose idea was that anyway?

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