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Identify Your Hardwood Style


No matter what you’re trying to achieve with hardwood, there is likely the perfect hardwood style for your floors, walls, and ceilings. Add to that the fact that the options at Eko-Flooring & Woodwork are eco-friendly, and the choice of hardwood becomes even more attractive. With numerous finishes, surface treatments, stains, and more, the natural design of hardwoods today can be enhanced and improved beyond its original beauty.

How do you know which hardwood style to choose? Let’s take a look at some of the hardwood styles in existence today and how they may fit in with your home.

Plank Width

A specific room’s overall space design can be significantly contributed to by the width of hardwood flooring planks. Examples:

  • The overall feel of a room can, for example, be expanded by the traditional 2 1/4-inch width. You may hear this referred to as “strip” flooring.
  • On the other hand, to create a modern element and increase the intimacy of a large space, a wider plank could be used.
  • Still another choice that is unique and creative is the mixing of plank widths. “mixed width”

Hardwood Surface Treatments

For numerous hardwood flooring collections, an aged, authentic design can be achieved by distressing, wire brushing, and subtle scraping of the surface. Combined with complementing stain color, these treatments can create an inviting and warm space that’s attractive for active, busy homes (with pets and children) or high traffic areas.

  • Wire brushing – So that you are walking on the most durable, hardest grain, the softer grain in the wood is removed by wire brushing. This can be subtle or more exaggerated with light, medium or heavy wire brushing variations.
  • Distressing or scraping – Both distressing and scraping optimize the character in each plank creating a vintage look. This includes hand scraping, saw marks, hammer marks, nail holes, burn marks and chain denting reactive stains and water marking, just to name a few techniques,

Multiple surface treatments on a floor offer a truly rustic look.

On the other hand, for a more elegant look, the timeless choice of a smooth surface is a real classic.

The Color Of The Hardwood

From contemporary to classic stain colors, you can complement a room or make the floor itself the centerpiece of the room by choosing the right color option.

For a look that is contemporary, some of today’s hottest trends in flooring involve modern grey tones. Refresh an outdated space with these greys in a straight plank or design- like herringbone or chevron! To add a little bit of style and sophistication to your home, and make a bold statement at the same time, consider a dark, rich stain color.

For a timeless design that adds traditional warmth to a room, classic stain colors like honey, nutmeg, and brown can be used.

Light or White wash floors can add a breath of fresh air- making the space light and airy. This is the optimal color for the very popular Nordic design palate.

No stain at all, or a natural finish, is another look which will bring brightness to a dark space and expose the most character of your chosen wood.

Straight Plank or Design

Eko Flooring & Woodwork carries an extensive Custom collection of Pre-Finished Engineered Plank and Design Flooring.

While you may typically see Design flooring in boutique settings, it can be easily be installed in any residential or commercial property for an affordable price. Design flooring will add some visual interest to your floors. Popular design looks today are Herringbone, Chevron and Versailles. Lucky these are also traditional parquetry looks that were popular in large estates and castles once upon a time. This provides a timeless and modern option.

For a classic but versatile look, go for the straight plank. If installed correctly, it can make your room feel more spacious. It is also incredibly versatile, for remodeling your interiors over the years- it will go with almost any look.

Edge Treatments

Just a quick mention, in reference to “eased or beveled edge” treatments, these side treatments can accentuate the intersections of different planks. On various collections, this treatment exists as either a four-sided or two-sided bevel and is usually preferred over “square edge” style. At Eko Flooring and Woodwork, we have wide plank flooring, ceiling and wall coverings, design flooring, and more. We have naturals, grays, light wood tones, and darks. No matter what your decor, whatever room you’re considering re-flooring or re-surfacing, or the overall affect you’re going for, we’ve got eco-friendly hardwood flooring and wall & ceiling accents  for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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