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Types of Wood Flooring Installation

Rule number 1 For engineered Wood flooring ALWAYS follow the Manufacturer’s installation recommendations. Not all wood flooring installation types are recommended for all wood floors. For solid flooring, consult an NWFA Certified flooring professional. Visit National Wood Flooring Association to find Educational Resources and Certified Flooring Professionals at Four Types of Wood Flooring Installation…

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Types of Subfloors

So you decided! It’s time to replace the floors. Before you install… It is essential to know the type of subfloor to further determine what installation method that is best.  Plywood, oriented strand board, particle board, and concrete are the four standard types of subfloors. The two most recommended subfloors are concrete and Plywood What…

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The Anatomy of a Dust Bunny

What is a dust bunny?  Simple, it is the dirt, dead skin cells, pet dander, food waste, allergens from dust mites, cooking oils, and dyes all rolled up by pet and human hair.  Cute right? How are these dust bunnies born?  The main culprit… pets, open doors and windows. But also, us! We track in…

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