Identify Your Hardwood Style


No matter what you’re trying to achieve with hardwood, there is likely the perfect hardwood style for your floors, walls, and ceilings. Add to that the fact that the options at Eko-Flooring & Woodwork are eco-friendly, and the choice of hardwood becomes even more attractive. With numerous finishes, surface treatments, stains, and more, the natural…

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Are You Using Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring?

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

As of late, you may have heard the following terms referred to: responsibly forested, eco-friendly, and sustainable. What do all of these terms refer to? What do they have to do with flooring? If you have looked into eco-friendly hardwood flooring, you’ve likely come across the terms listed above, and many more. Though rarely specifically…

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4 Ways To Install Wood Flooring

Install Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is recognized for its beauty and durability. When one installs Engineered Wood Flooring, it is important to ALWAYS follow the manufacturer’s installation recommendations. The next thing you need to note is that not all wood flooring installation methods are recommended for all types of wood floors. If you are planning to install solid…

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Types of Subfloors


So you decided! It’s time to replace the floors. Before you install… It is essential to know the type of subfloor to further determine what installation method that is best.  Plywood, oriented strand board, particle board, and concrete are the four standard types of subfloors. The two most recommended subfloors are concrete and Plywood What…

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The Anatomy of a Dust Bunny

What is a dust bunny?  Simple, it is the dirt, dead skin cells, pet dander, food waste, allergens from dust mites, cooking oils, and dyes all rolled up by pet and human hair.  Cute right? How are these dust bunnies born?  The main culprit… pets, open doors and windows. But also, us! We track in…

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Engineered Wood Floors vs Solid Wood Floors: Both Real Wood!

The most frequent question we hear: are engineered wood floors real wood? Yes! Engineered wood is all real wood; made of different species to combat the instability of solid wood flooring. Solid Wood Flooring Solid wood flooring is made of an individual piece of wood throughout. It can be used in any room that is…

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